Food scandals amplify need for MCIPS procurement professionals

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This piece was produced in collaboration with CIPS, the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply

Food scandals are shaking confidence in food supply chains around the world. While food safety was once assumed to be paramount in the minds of food retailers and buyers, it has become clear that consumers have been deceived into consuming foods strikingly different from what their religion, preference or cultural values allow.

Both McDonald’s Corporation and KFC parent Yum recently suffered brand damage when Chinese authorities closed down a local meat supplier after evidence of old and contaminated meat was found in their products. More recently, a Taiwanese company, Chang Guann, has been fined for selling old oil, unfit for human consumption, as food-grade cooking oil. 

McDonald's and Yum Foods have stopped using the maligned supplier, Shanghai Husi Food Co Ltd, found new suppliers and publicly apologised to consumers. 

China is the third largest market for McDonald’s with Yum close behind. With competition offering increasingly attractive domestically and locally-sourced foods, this scandal occurred at a time for McDonald’s and Yum Foods.
CIPS believes that part of the solution to food scandals like this lies in a licence for the procurement profession. Employers seeking procurement professionals for their business can rest assured that MCIPS holders are the best professionals in the procurement field.

MCIPS-qualified professionals operate under the key concepts behind ethical and sustainable procurement and supply management thereby reducing instances of fraud and corruption. Supply chains are becoming increasingly global and complex in nature, and MCIPS training provides the skills to keep up with these changes.’

Stay tuned for our next piece on ethical and sustainable procurement.

Photo: Agence France-Presse

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