The China Analyst - April 2014

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The Beijing Axis released the most recent issue of its in-house publication, The China Analyst. The April issue outlines the implications of China’s continued quest for natural resources as the country redefines itself once more through the implementation of key economic reforms. 

This edition includes the following lead articles: 

  1. Feeding a Billion: China’s Transforming Agricultural Sector 
  2. Chinese Mining Firms in the Year of the Horse: a Trot, a Canter or a Gallop? 
  3. Chinese Super Majors: Tilting the Global Oil and Gas Playing Field 
Our Macroeconomic Monitor section focuses on China’s attempt to execute its boldest reforms in thirty years. Our Strategy section includes a profile of CNOOC, one of China’s top three oil and gas majors. These complement other regular sections such as: Investment, an analysis of China's overseas resource investments, Procurement, which describes installation and commissioning, a key component of The Beijing Axis’s services, and the Regional Focus sections, which provide analysis of the latest China-related trade and investment activities in Africa, Australia and Latin America. 

Please view The China Analyst here or download the full PDF version here.

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