The China Analyst - April 2012

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The China Analyst - April 2012.jpgThis is the new edition of The China Analyst - April 2012. In this edition we ask you to prepare for a more competitive China. We ask you to change your perspective on China. 

How competitive is China really? It has changed a lot in the last three decades, yet now it is aiming to transition to innovation-driven competitiveness. If you apply a little imagination and envision where current trends are heading, you might be induced to change your opinion on China. This process has started happening in a number of industries, such as heavy and construction equipment, where Chinese companies have begun to shake up the competitive landscape, especially in emerging economies. Yet in various other industries as well a number of Chinese companies are approaching the 'technological frontier.' It is a process that is occurring in gradual steps, as Chinese companies adapt, improve and innovate, but it is a process that all companies in the world should be aware of and prepare for. 

In other usual sections we also look for example at how companies procuring from China are using the Product Positioning Matrix (China Sourcing Strategy), and we look at China in the context of the global debt landscape (China Strategy). In addition, we look as usual at the trade and investment landscape in four key geographies: China-Africa, China-Australia, China-LatAm, and China-Russia. 

To download this edition, please click on the link below, or see The China Analyst website at

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