Juxtaposition: China in the Fortune 500 vs. the Beijing Subway System

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Here's a little mental leap. In the last few years Beijing's subway has expanded substantially, especially after a building blitz before the 2008 Olympics. At the time, Chinese companies have entered the Fortune 500 in increasing numbers. What if you would literally put these two completely disparate phenomena together?

The result is this infographic. It illustrates the progression of Chinese companies in the Fortune 500 from 1994 (when the first Chinese company joined the list) with a visual reference to the expansion of the Beijing subway system from 1971. All but two of Beijing’s current 15 lines were opened in the last decade; in the same period, 47 of the current total of 58 mainland Chinese companies joined the Fortune 500. The circles around each company portrays visually the expansion in revenue of the companies at time of joining the Fortune 500 vs. currently. Note the subway map is not exhaustive of Beijing’s current subway system of 15 lines.

Click for a closer view.
Note: This infographic appeared on page 3 of the April edition of The China Analyst

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