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The China Analyst - August 2010

Even more sensational than China's rising economic prominence is its great demand for natural resources. In the August 2010 edition of The China Analyst we show the impact of China on world commodity markets and present the underlying factors within China that have underpinned this influence.

Our first lead article illuminates China's role on the international scene in its push for supplies of natural resources. As a follow up, we detail China's urbanisation, infrastructure and industrial changes which drive this rising demand. In our third lead feature we cover China's great strides in nuclear power.

In the following sections, we highlight a number of contemporary issues shaping China's economy. Our strategy section, for example, maps China's standing in world steel and delves into the advantages of Baosteel, one of China's leading steel producers. China's output of renewable energy equipment is the focus of our sourcing section, while our regional sections, as always, analyse China's involvement in Africa, Australia, Latin America and Russia.

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