"Still too easy to break the law" - The ever-present threat in sourcing from China

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When it comes to product quality in China, it is "still too easy to break the law." Reuters on Wednesday reported Chinese Vice Premier Wu Yi adding a cautionary tone to recent claims of success in a four-month government campaign against 'shoddy goods':
"...in a country with as many people as ours and an industry whose technical and management skills are uneven, you cannot expect to nurture good production and consumer habits in the space of a few months... (A)lthough this campaign has solved some outstanding problems, the results achieved have only been initial ones.
The Vice Premier outlined a long list of issues still confronting the country, including (quoting the Reuters report) "the plethora of small factories in remote areas which often fall beneath the radar and lack of awareness of quality problems among the Chinese public."

Silk Road International Blog recently profiled a factory in Jiangsu province with 20 years of international experience manufacturing two products "over and over" for a couple of large clients. Each employee does the same thing every day and there is little if any appreciation of quality control. And they are growing so quickly that,
while intentions are good, they are falling short in quality because of the inability of the 'family business' model to keep up with the new international level business they are attracting. They are going after bigger fish... appear(ing) bigger and more capable than they really are... The international standards/testing requirements are not even on their radar.
Unregulated factories in remote areas form part of the rural-urban disparity affecting the building of a harmonious society in China. Yet ultimately the responsibility of sourcing quality products from China lies as much with suppliers as with importers. China Sourcing News on Thursday reported the American Society for Quality conceding that much of the responsibility for quality problems resulting in Chinese product recalls lies with 'inadequate oversight' by U.S. importers:
...importing companies need to take more responsibility for their inadequate assessment of risks in dealing with foreign suppliers, insufficient supplier development activity and a lack of discipline applying quality basics with suppliers
who, in the case of China, include a plethora of largely unregulated factories who have little problem in breaking the rules.

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william said:

Hi All,

I believe there is no excuse in shoddy business practice and manufacturing quality control as China in actual fact has taken so long indeed to learn about these telling from history. It is fundamental cultural and societal problem. It is sad fact but it really needs some sort of paradigm shift in every single offspring of the Dragon Land. I always believe we all will be there one day. It got to be a small group of people taking the lead be it Chinese businessmen or non-Chinese businessmen. It is always my dream to be part of this great team of people who will change this mentality. Let's do it together albeit a small tiny step a day. Let's educate our chilren and talk to them everyday. While doing everything to catch up with the best business practice does not mean we have to forego our virtues. As a matter of fact, our virtues should help expedite it and accomplish that our unique way.

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