BCG on Best Practice and Sourcing

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In July 2007 The Boston Consulting Group put out a report grandly titled Sourcing from China - Lessons from the Leaders. Only 15 pages long, however, it's an easy read that summarizes in simple terms a list of ten best practices, without raising any of these to the essential pedestal so often seen in literature discussing sourcing in China. The list includes, amongst others:

  • Defining a clear sourcing strategy with specific targets and plans;
  • Aligning the China sourcing organisation with global procurement;
  • Enabling collaboration across regional and functional boundaries; and (my favourite)
  • Providing internal education to increase awareness and understanding...

The last point is discussed rather late in the document, which is a pity since, according to several surveys on the issue, the greatest difficulty in sourcing from China is not currency fluctuation, broken contracts or quality, but opposition from inside the organisation...

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